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How the Hot Stovers Began

In 1957 a group of friends and baseball players from Cramer Hill and East Camden formed an informal and loosely organized team to play independent, and sometimes irregular games with similar groups in the Burlington Hot Stove League. Most were approaching the twilight of their careers in serious competition and these games seemed a logical option to the hectic pace of playing two or three nights a week. The team had no official name but was known simply as the Camden Team. Over the next two seasons, the idea of forming a social organization and incorporating the team within it grew and was discussed at length. At the end of the 1958 season, the Camden Team gave notice of their withdrawal from the Burlington Hot Stove League and several of the groups agreed to meet to discuss the formation of such an organization.

On January 18, 1959, nine men met at the home of Maurice Cushing to organize the “Camden County Hot Stove League.” Those present included Paul Bearint, Bill Cox, Mike Doran, Walt Doran, Jim McGinnis, Jim McQueston, Jack Pawella, Stan Raiczyk and Cushing,. League meetings were scheduled for the last Friday of each month with January 30 set for the first regular meeting. Each member was asked to bring a friend.

At the January 30 meeting, Jim McGinnis was appointed acting Chairman. An annual membership fee of $1.00 was established, a minimum age of 30 years for members was agreed upon and an election of officers scheduled.

The first officers were elected and took office February 27 as follows: Jim McGinnis — President; Tom McGlaughlin — Vice President; Maurice Cushing — Secretary-Treasurer; and Paul Bearint –Membership Committee Chairman. A series of fund raising activities were discussed, and it was agreed that meetings would be rotated among several sites around the Camden area.

McGinnis resigned from the organization in July and Paul Bearint was elected to complete the 1959 term the next month. Nominations and election of officers was again held in October with the following results: Dr. Alex Dziatkiewicz — President; John “Bunky” Burr — Vice President; and Maurice Cushing — Secretary-Treasurer. By years end of 1959 membership had grown to 67, and a By-laws Committee appointed in November prepare a Constitution and By-laws for adoption by the club.

A Ladies Auxiliary was organized in 1968 and flourished for several years. At its peak the group numbered nearly 30 members and lasted for more than a decade before disbanding.

Several other minor changes to club policies were enacted over the years, but the philosophy of the club has remained the same: To promote sandlot, high school, American Legion and professional baseball in South Jersey. We have demonstrated this support through our Annual Awards Dinner held each November where we honor South Jersey’s outstanding players and coaches. To financially support our objectives, the South Jersey Baseball Scholarship Fund was established by Bob Bobo in January 1986.

In 1996, a club reorganization changed our name to the “Hot Stovers Baseball Club of South Jersey” and merged with the “South Jersey Baseball Hall of Fame,” an independent service organization founded by Bob Bobo and Chuck Roney in 1988.


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